Simone di Filippo, detto “dei Crocifissi”. Pittura e devozione nel secondo Trecento bolognese

Moretti Fine Art if proud to have participaed in the sponsorship of the monograph by Gianluca del Monaco on Simone dei Crocifissi.
Simone di Filippo, rebaptized as "dei Crocifissi" in the seventeenth century so as to underline the devotional value of his production, is one of the great protagonists of Bolognese painting of the second half of the fourteenth century. Having painted frescoes and panels, he is a typical artist planted in the social, politlca, and religious lives of a communal city.  this volume examines, for the first time, the whole activity of the art, confronting issues that remain unsolved such as his early development and other protagonists with whom the painter had contact.  
April 3, 2017