Turin, Pala Isozaki. 2 – 5 November 2017
The core topic of the 2017 edition of Flashback was inspired by Philip K. Dick’s novel “Counter-clock World”, a novel where time started to flow backwards. The reverse direction is therefore counter-clockwise, counter—current and represents the different perspective, the subjective point of view, the chance to look differently at what surrounds us, finding new elements, new gateways to re-read and interpret contemporaneity.
All the participants to Flashback contribute to set up a multi-colored verbal and visual dictionary, from ancient times up to modernity: a new continuous systematic narration where the artworks and– in more general terms – man’s thinking are presented to the public as tools of knowledge, appropriate to actively redefine ourselves, reconfigure our own identity, build up the memory of who we are, of who we have been and – mainly – of who we could be. Not some archeological research in our past, but the awareness that this is an integral part of our space of existence.
Turin, Pala Isozaki
Corso Sebastopoli, 123
1 November: 6pm (preview by invitation only)
2-5 November: 11am- 8pm


October 27, 2017