Moretti Monaco

June 2017




Park Palace, 27 Avenue de la Costa, MC 98000 Monaco

It is with great pride that Fabrizio Moretti announces the opening of a new exhibition space at Park Palace in Monte Carlo, Monaco, overlooking the fabled Place du Casino.  With Monaco’s longstanding commitment to arts and culture, and its close ties with Italy, the expansion to Monte Carlo is a project undertaken with great anticipation. Having recognised the potential for further development, Moretti Fine Art will open 200 square meters (2,152 square feet) of newly renovated, state-of-the-art gallery space and will regularly host events and exhibitions.  As always, the commitment to providing a discreet and tasteful environment for discerning collectors, museums and scholars will remain unswerving.  With the expansion of the Port and the addition of extra land Monte Carlo is experiencing a rejuvenation thanks to Prince Albert II.  We believe that art will further develop as a fundamental keystone as seen in the exceptional fair at the Grimaldi Forum and the New National Museum of Monaco at the Villa Paloma.
The opening will coincide with the inaugural exhibition, Glazed: The Legacy of the Della Robbia, in collaboration with Sotheby’s, open from 6 June to 7 July 2017.  The show comprised of 18 pieces will provide a thorough overview of one of the great artistic families of Italian art history. Having invented the method of tin-glazed terracotta, Luca della Robbia was one of the fathers of the Renaissance and his colourful and detailed reliefs and sculptures are amongst some of the most recognised. His success passed down through the generations, to Andrea and Giovanni, Girolamo and Luca ‘the Younger’, contributing to a fascination that still lives on today.
April 5, 2017