Turin, 3-6 November 2016

Pala Alpitour | ISOZAKI | Corso Sebastopoli 123 and Via Filadelfia 82 | Turin




FLASHBACK is the exhibition dedicated to ancient and modern art which takes place in Turin in the month of November in the name of the imperative: All Art is Contemporary.


FLASHBACK hosts the best ancient and modern art galleries with the highest quality, which - selected on the basis of the importance of the exhibited artworks - represent change, transformation and originality.


FLASHBACK, as a rhetorical figure of literary narration, proceeds through some rewinding of the narrated history and brings the past into the present.


All art is contemporany, and FLASHBACK sets itself the objective of modifying the perception and image of what has already been historicized. The discrimination is no longer the time that art work was created, but rather its uniqueness and quality. FLASHBACK represents the suggestion of a ‘no-time’ whose main actor is Art.
PREVIEW: wednesday november 2, 2016 h 4 pm (by invitation only)

VERNISSAGE: wednesday november 2, 2016 h 6 pm (by invitation only)

OPENING TO PUBLIC: thursday november 3 to sunday november 6, 2016 | 11 am – 8 pm
October 25, 2016