Corpus of Sienese Paintings in Hungary 1420-1510

moretti fine art is proud to sponsor 'the corpus of sienese paintings in hungary'. the book is a three-volume series on the sienese paintings in hungarian public and private collections.


the richly illustrated catalogue presents extensive and updated biographies of the artists, and thirty-two entries on paintings from the period between 1420 and 1510. The catalogue entries provide significant new findings on questions of attribution, dating and iconography, original context and function, the circumstances of the commission, the reconstruction of now dismembered structures, and various other issues dealing with the relationship between the paintings and the art and culture of their time. the abundant documentation on each painting includes full-page colour plates, technical descriptions, exhibition history, accurate information on the provenance, detail photographs, reproductions of punchmarks and the reverses of supports, and a complete annotated bibliography. the catalogue of paintings is preceded by an essay on the history of their collecting, conservation and previous research.
November 18, 2015