Fondo Oro - Italian Masters and Jewellers

Moretti Fine Art, 10-20 December 2014
Italian Old Master Pantings meet six of the best Italian Goldsmiths in an unique dialogue that will take place in the heart of London, St James's, from 10 to 20 December.
Moretti Fine Art is honoured to host, in its London space, an exhibition that connects six goldsmiths, chosen for their tradition and their creativity, with paintings from the gallery’s prestigious collection.
The exhibition is also a tribute to the ‘Duke of Jewellery’, Fulco di Verdura, a master goldsmith who worked outside of large brand houses to create specific pieces for families. The exhibition will include his famous cufflinks, Night and Day, created for Cole Porter after the success of his popular song and the Maltese Cross cuff designed specifically for Coco Chanel.
Faraone, the historical brand of Via Montenapoleone in Milan, will present a truly regal necklace paired with sapphire earrings as well as a single sapphire to be eventually mounted as desired, emphasizing the tailoring relationship that the jeweller has with a client.
A jeweller since 1763 for aristocratic families in Genoa, Gismondi will present his latest creations. Percossi Papi, a Roman artifex who just returned from a successful exhibition in Luxembourg devoted to Henry VII, will display an extraordinary Medusa pendant and miniature earrings.
Conti Creazioni will bring his famous Coral from the Ferdinandea, a small volcano island that appeared and disappeared over a period of a few months in 1831 off the coast of Sciacca.  Finally, Spadafora, a family of goldsmiths since the 18th century, will display an example of the Calabrian tradition, characterised by micro pearls “woven” as if it were lace.
January 1, 2014