London, 3-8 July 2022
Moretti Gallery is delighted to take part in this season’s London Art Week, which will take place from Sunday 3rd until Friday 8th July; directly after the inauguration of our new London gallery in Duke Street on July 1st.  
London Art Week will showcase - both digitally and in galleries - the major international galleries and auction houses, exhibiting an extensive variety of paintings, drawings, sculptures and objects, ranging from antiquity and Old Masters to pre-contemporary art.  The talks and editorials organized by LAW have given visitors and collectors a chance to grow insight on art through unconventional perspectives and new voices.  To accompany this wide range of artworks, LAW has put together a Music & Dance theme to create an innovative liaison between means of artistic expression.  It is the creative and high quality approach that makes Moretti Fine Art proud of taking part in this internationally celebrated event, in which the gallery will have a chance of representing its soul, by manifesting its specialties; Italian Old Master Paintings.  Starting with the inauguration of the gallery, the first 8 days of July will be dedicated to the thrilling celebration of art of different forms and meaning.
May 18, 2022