13 Duke Street, St. James's

Our new building

13 Duke Street, St. James's in london will be our new gallery in london from july  2022.


The historic site which dates back to 1674 and housed fine art dealers since 1910, underwent an attentive yet near-complete reconstruction, in which only the symbolic front façade and the rear masonry were preserved. The significant rearrangement of spaces which included the fusion of numbers 12-13 Duke Street, gave life to an area of approximately 8600 square feet. Connected by two staircases as well as a central lift, the ground and first floor are designed as exhibition spaces whilst the second floor are conceived for offices and meeting rooms and the basement houses an atmospheric library of the gallery’s archive. 

Visitors enter into a double height area that visually connects the ground floor with the first floor, the height of this unified space of exhibition strikes for its enchanting effect. 

The copious height and width of the walls planned by the architect and interior expert Tomèf, was designed for the installation of large artworks and with the purpose of creating different atmospheres. Velvet and silk wall coverings complement the old master paintings and herringbone natural oak floors are enriched by precious and antique rugs and carpets, embellishing the entire environment. 

The idea was that of creating a museum-quality habitat, adequate for the standards of the exhibited artworks, an audience of curators and a clientele of high-level collectors. The traditional heritage of this unique site is amalgamated with sophisticated and practical modern interiors, allowing guests to experience antique masterpieces through the fresh lenses of this sumptuous environment.

May 18, 2022