Fabrizio Moretti x Fabrizio Moretti | In Passing

Sotheby's New, York 18 December 2019


 |  | NEW YORK



Fabrizio Moretti x Fabrizio Moretti | In Passing is a unique exhibition and live auction that demonstrates the continued importance of Old Masters. The auction will feature a selection of 24 lots of paintings and sculpture from the collection of distinguished art dealer, Fabrizio Moretti. The exhibition is curated and designed by the visual artist and renowned musician Fabrizio “Fab” Moretti, drummer for The Strokes, and includes a series of installations inspired by specific themes that have been drawn from the artworks. Through dynamic uses of light and space, the exhibition will offer viewers an interactive experience, inciting new visual perspectives on an impressive group of Old Master works.

In addition to their name, the two Fabrizios share a creative vision and an ability to break barriers:  Fabrizio Moretti founded his own gallery at age 22 and has become one of the most respected dealers and scholars in the art world, and Fabrizio “Fab” Moretti not only has a tremendously successful musical career, but is also an accomplished visual artist himself. In curating this exhibition Fab drew upon his depth of experience in the art world to bring this immersive exhibit to life. We are delighted to watch their two worlds come together, In Passing, for this exciting auction in December of 2019.



*Through a generous donation by art dealer Fabrizio Moretti, Mr. Moretti will donate 5% of net sale proceeds (hammer price minus sale related expenses not to exceed $10,000 in the aggregate) to the IRC and 5% of net sale proceeds to the Fabrizio Moretti Foundation of each item purchased by a buyer at the Fabrizio Moretti x Fabrizio Moretti | In Passing sale at Sotheby’s on December 18, 2019. The IRC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid, relief and resettlement to refugees and other victims of oppression or violent conflict. The Fabrizio Moretti Foundation works to give those with certain disabilities access to the therapeutic benefits of horses. For more information, visit WWW.RESCUE.ORG and WWW.FONDAZIONEFABRIZIOMORETTI.ORG. No portion of the purchase price is tax-deductible.
November 6, 2019